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LNPA Change Could Cost Telecom Industry $719M in First Year

The telecom industry is considering a change in the local number portability (LNP) administrator. LNP plays a central role in telecom competition as well as the roll out of new products and services. A change in provider would likely create havoc with service providers. Research conducted by Hal Singer of Economists Inc. estimates $719 million in additional costs would be imposed on US carriers during the first year of such a transition. Roger Enter of Recon Analytics has examined how a change in LNPA could have a severe impact on strategic efforts being undertaken by service providers across the wireless market.

During this webinar for telecom insiders, we will cover the fallout expected after an LNP transition, including:

  • LNPA transition costs that may not be fully considered by service providers
  • The jeopardizing effect an LPNA transition would have on the wireless industry’s move to VoLTE and next generation services
  • Long-term, detrimental effects a change in LNPA would have on carrier brand value and M&A activity

Featured Speakers:
Roger Entner, Founder, Recon Analytics LLC
Hal J. Singer, PRINCIPAL, Economists Incorporated

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