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Who is Neustar?


Neustar’s dependable management of the NPAC has contributed to enhanced competition and more consumer value. Local Number Portability has, since its inception, delivered tremendous benefits for telecommunications service providers and the consumers they serve.

The NPAC allows consumers to keep their telephone number – whether it’s a wireline, wireless or VoIP device – when they switch providers within the same local area. Consumers therefore have more flexibility to pick the handsets and plans that are right for them, and they can choose any provider – including a new entrant – based solely on the price and services they offer. As envisioned by the Telecommunications Act of 1996, NPAC makes that level of competition possible.

As communications grow increasingly rich for consumers and more complex for carriers, the NPAC continues to support the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. More than 4,400 customer entities are able to manage their networks as information flows flawlessly through the entire North American telecommunications infrastructure. Additionally, during disasters, Neustar assists service providers in quickly restoring service to customers using number portability.