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Who is Neustar?


Neustar makes sure all calls are treated equally as we enable call routing across America. As the Number Portability Administration Center (NPAC) Administrator, the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) Administrator and the National Number Pooling Administrator, Neustar must treat all service providers fairly and without discrimination. In our role as the responsible steward of the industry’s numbering resources, we comply with important neutrality regulations and policies. (See: Neutrality)

As a result, neutrality is rooted in everything Neustar does. In fact, the “Neu” in our name stands for neutrality. Neustar cannot favor any particular communications service provider, telecommunications industry segment or technology, or group of telecommunications consumers over any other. Also, Neustar is required to maintain complete confidentiality of all customer information obtained while conducting our business. To ensure our compliance with these neutrality requirements, we are examined on a quarterly and annual basis by independent third parties with results reported to our customers.

We also have established our own code of conduct, which was approved by the Federal Communications Commission, to ensure our continued impartiality. All of our employees, designated contractors, directors and officers must sign periodic neutrality certifications stating that they understand our neutrality requirements and have not violated them.