UltraViolet is the cloud-based system for digital content that lets consumers stream or download their movies and TV shows for viewing anywhere, anytime — while protecting the rights of content owners.

At its heart: A shared library and account management system, with cross-platform digital rights management (DRM) handled seamelessly by Neustar. For millions of accounts, growing fast.

New Era in Entertainment Freedom.

UltraViolet lets consumers create and manage their own interoperable personal digital entertainment libraries and devices, regardless of where and how they purchase their content. See UltraViolet FAQs

UltraViolet Enables Interoperability

The infrastructure that enables this next-generation media service is called the UltraViolet Coordinator. Neustar designed and built this platform based on specifications developed by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a consortium of more than 80 companies from the media and entertainment, retail, technology, and consumer electronics sectors.

The UltraViolet Coordinator represents a new era in Internet content interoperability. It is equipped with policies that enable consumer freedom of choice while providing content security by uniquely managing accounts, content metadata, rights, devices, and identity in a secure and private manner.