Network Routing and Addressing

The real question is how to do it. We have some ideas. And because they’re the product of our experience in creating innovative, authoritative solutions that keep global telecom networks humming along, they work in the real world of new and legacy systems you have to deal with.

Our network solutions enable you to:

optimize network efficiency

Optimize network efficiency with margin management.
Gain real-time visibility into network traffic, down to switch level. Optimize routing to improve margins and reduce interconnect costs. Model pricing and capacity to plan profitable service offerings.

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improve global routing

Improve global SMS routing and delivery with PathFinder.
Maximize efficiency by increasing SMS delivery rates and improving network connections. Generate new revenue by expanding offerings with next-gen IP-based services.

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expand nex-gen services

Expand Next-Gen Services with Better IP Traffic Routing
Gain control over routing, costs and capabilities with intelligent, policy-based IP traffic routing. Increase IP routing efficiency and simplify network interconnection to improve network capacity.

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access itrs

Access Internet Telecommunications Relay Services (iTRS)
Enhance services to deaf and hard of hearing customers with the iTRS ENUM database, operated by Neustar under contract to the FCC.

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