Media Intelligence

You have the data, and you have the people and tools to analyze it. Are you connecting the dots yet? You already know it, but what others won’t tell you is that in order to move the needle you require more than a single view across devices and all your marketing channels. You need to measure with accuracy, relying on a better approach to identity — one that bridges offline and online worlds so you can understand what drives consumer behavior with maximum clarity.

Measure with Precision

PlatformOne’s Media Intelligence solution provides measurement and attribution to give you the clarity you need to understand marketing effectiveness. Leveraging Neustar’s Authoritative Identity, you get an unbiased and consolidated view of all your marketing programs, delivering a consistent experience across formats, channels, and devices.

Media Intelligence Capabilities


Data Collection
Gather any first-party and third-party data, website data, conversions, ad serving, or click data with universal data collection.


Marketing Analytics
Maximize your marketing ROI by identifying trends in media and audience metrics across all campaigns, evaluating exclusive reach and overlap, and selecting the best-to-reach performing audiences.


Data Normalization
Get a single, consolidated view of your customers by normalizing data to a common cross-device and cross-channel identifier, which allows it to be compared across channels, data, and media partners.


Data Feeds for Custom Analysis
Get access to all your media and audience data in your own Hadoop cluster and gain even deeper insights using your own visualization tools.


Closed Loop Measurement
Evaluate the success of your campaigns by crediting online and offline leads, sales, and conversions accurately to individual digital media campaigns that users are exposed to.


Multi-touch Attribution
Leverage our models to process all your cross-channel marketing data and analyze each conversion sequence, conversion rate, and all relevant data points.

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