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Our automated telephone number management solutions help you control your telephone number inventory to balance customer demand with regulatory compliance.

The key? An integrated suite of cloud-based solutions that access and consolidate real-time data from the authoritative sources of the U.S. NPAC, NANPA and Pooling Administration.

Verify Ownership and Routing with Port PS
Ensure you assign “clean” numbers by identifying telephone number ownership, routing information, pooling and porting history in real time. Available in the Neustar Numbering Portal, Port PS provides authoritative, comprehensive data to NPAC users.

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Manage Critical Assets with Hosted Number Inventory Management
Simplify and automate the process of managing your mission-critical assets while integrating number portability for greater control and accuracy. Consolidate numbering resources from multiple sources into a single repository to reduce multiple assignments of the same number, speed regulatory reporting and improve forecasting and utilization.

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Streamline Reporting on your Number Inventory with Query Manager
Add powerful reporting functionality to Port PS with pre-defined and stored best-practice queries. Report on inventory at the telephone number, block or code level, and by lists of telephone numbers or specific local routing numbers (LRNs). Easily customize reports to define, store and deliver frequently used queries and reports.

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Improve utilization and forecasting with Resource Inventory Management System (RIMS)
Interface with Pooling Administration to simplify block requests, donations, modifications and returns. Leverage RIMS to automate regulatory and forecast reports and to ensure the availability of numbering resources with automated month-to-exhaust forecasts.

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Visualize Your Number Inventory with Number Analyzer
Know when to order, donate or move numbers on the network proactively with a real-time visual status of your number inventory. View utilization rates and inventory by region, or drill down to switch level. Use cloud-based analytics to improve number management.

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