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Navigating the TLD landscape is a lot easier with someone to show you the way.

We know how to leverage domains. We’ve done it before, and we can do it for you. Founded in 1996, Neustar provides enterprise services to some of the world’s biggest brands. Our clients, which span practically every industry, include Sony Music, Standard & Poor’s, Virgin America, Twitter, Comcast and LinkedIn. We also have over a decade of experience successfully managing top-level domains. Our wealth of knowledge and expertise in both the brand space and the domain world make us uniquely qualified to shepherd the launch of your new TLD.


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.NYC Case Study

Taking .nyc from 0 to 60.

From preparation to promotion to protection, we have the experience necessary to help a domain succeed. With the historic launch of .nyc, New York will become one of the first cities in the world to have its own top-level domain. The City of New York selected Neustar to operate the technical infrastructure, as well as support the domain with marketing efforts. Through .nyc, the City aims to establish New York as a digital leader, generate revenue, support local businesses and promote tourism. In addition to providing technical registry services and support, we work with our marketing partner, Pappas Group, to promote .nyc to its target audience. Together, we’re taking .nyc from three letters to a full-blown, branded TLD available to the public.


Like with any great opportunity, success is in the details.

With only a handful of TLDs active today, getting yours in during this first wave of new domains is a huge opportunity for your brand. Imagine if you’d been able to predict what the internet would become during the dawn of the .com era. This time, you’re ahead of the game. But you have to get it right.

Start here - with our comprehensive guide to launching a successful TLD

1. Prepare

Set your business goals, know your target markets and audiences, understand your competitors.

2. Promote

Marketing Services
From the broad outlines of your brand strategy to the creative details of your lead generation marketing, we’ll let the world know about your TLD.
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3. Protect

Policy Services
Create an effective, focused policy framework to drive the success of your TLD, and monitor your policies in light of the everchanging TLD landscape.
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Reporting Services
Gain the insights you need to protect your investment and optimize your namespace with comprehensive data, analytics and intelligence.
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Threat Mitigation Services
Identify and mitigate the effects of the scammers and fraudsters waiting to exploit your TLD for their own gain – and protect your reputation and your business.
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