DNS Services

Recursive servers are the first link in the DNS chain. When someone in your business types an Internet address, a recursive server is responsible for delivering the answer. If your recursive service performs poorly or fails, your company’s productivity will slip. That’s why Neustar’s recursive solution is built for reliability, consistent speed and a higher degree of security.


Reliability and Speed

Thanks to our global Anycast DNS network, you get the fastest, most accurate query responses from the closest servers—no matter where in the world you are.


Security and Control

Our easy-to-use management website lets you manage the content on your network. Category-based content filtering stops inappropriate requests, before they reach your network. Plus you have the ability to allow or block specific sites.


Reduced Costs

Our cloud-based solution eliminates most capital and operating expenses. With no hardware or software to buy or maintain, you save on maintenance and administration.


A Smarter Choice

Some companies rely on their ISP for recursive DNS service. ISPs, however, aren’t DNS experts. You may well get a service that can’t keep pace with your growth. Neustar backs you up with our 24/7 Network Operations and Security Operations centers, plus a level of DNS expertise you can’t find anywhere else.


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