Hybrid DDoS Protection

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The difference:

Fully managed by the Neustar Security Operations Center; we do the work, you stay safe

We use industry-leading Arbor Pravail mitigation hardware

Extensive experience and expertise in defending against the largest and most complex attacks

Battle-tested countermeasures and mitigation strategies used to combat attacks of over 300Gbps

Flexible deployment options to suit the needs of every business and budget

“As DDoS attack characteristics become more complex, organizations are finding value in ‘hybrid’ DDoS mitigation strategies, driving new alliances and acquisitions among complementary DDoS mitigation solution providers.”

Gartner Research, Competitive Landscape: DDoS Mitigation Solutions, Oct. 2014

Who uses hybrid DDoS protection?

Over 1 in 3 U.S. companies

Of technology companies

Of financial services companies that would lose $100K+ from an outage during peak hours

Source: 2015 Neustar DDoS Attacks & Protection Report