Cloud-Based DDoS Mitigation

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Under Attack?

A high-capacity, cloud-based DDoS mitigation service, Neustar SiteProtect scrubs malicious traffic away from your infrastructure. It quickly defuses the largest, most complex DDoS attacks.

Up 41% from 2011, sophisticated, long-lived, multi-vector DDoS attacks are still on the rise.* Experts agree that a well-crafted, multi-vector attack as small as 2Gbps, the average size of most DDoS attacks, will take down a site. Multi-vector DDoS attacks are the most difficult to mitigate and require layered defenses. With true scrubbing capacity at 300Gbps and a 1:1 scrubbing capacity to bandwidth ratio, Neustar can handle the biggest and most intricate DDoS attacks without applying ACL filters like other providers.

Carrier-Class DDoS Mitigation Platforms

  • Maintains 1:1 true traffic scrubbing capacity and growing
  • Globally positioned scrubbing infrastructure
  • OSI Layer 7 & IPv6 capable

Extensive Technology Diversity

  • Multiple best in class DDoS mitigation vendor technologies including Arbor, RioRey, Cisco, Citrix, Juniper, HP, Neustar
  • Multiple Tier 1 Internet Network Providers

Cloud + On-Premise Hardware: SiteProtect Hybrid

To mitigate DDoS instantly and escalate as needed, security experts recommend a hybrid approach, combining the best of on-premise hardware and cloud-based solutions. Neustar SiteProtect Hybrid features the best-in-breed Arbor Pravail DDoS mitigation appliance, which combats attacks locally, without a moment’s delay. When attacks exceed local capacity, the Neustar SOC fails over your traffic to the SiteProtect cloud and manages the response until the danger passes.

Best of all, it is a fully managed service, including remote management of your Arbor box. Neustar monitors, detects and responds to DDoS attacks for you, so you can commit resources to other priorities. Read technical datasheet.

Advanced Services to Strengthen Your DDoS Mitigation

Real-Time Detection & Alerting
The team in the Neustar SOC will monitor, analyze and alert you of potential DDoS attacks. Our DDoS experts analyze Netflow data in real time to detect attacks and trigger alerts for immediate mitigation.

Website Monitoring
Know instantly when your website is experiencing performance issues that may be indications of a DDoS attack. External website monitoring with real-time alerting helps identify DDoS attacks faster and launch mitigation sooner. Besides additional DDoS protection, you gain a powerful tool to find and fix web performance problems.

Neustar UltraDNS®
Neustar can provision SiteProtect to defend most standard TCP-based applications, including websites, email servers, APIs, databases and more. Our solution protects your entire Internet ecosystem. For the ultimate assurance, we recommend adding Neustar UltraDNS® to provide DNS DDoS protection. Combined, these two services ensure uninterrupted traffic flow to your critical online properties, without the need to manage multiple providers and solutions.

Professional Services to Ensure a Smooth Implementation

Professional Services experts are available to jump-start your implementation. See their full menu of services, including provisioning, support, training, infrastructure assessment and fully managed implementation. Learn More.