Intelligent DDoS Protection

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Under Attack?

Neustar SiteProtect Offers:

The Power of Neustar
Local DDoS protection will only hold the fort so long. When attacks become super-sized, the Neustar SiteProtect cloud offers the most capacity to scrub bad traffic and keep your website up.

Deployment Options for Every Business
Choose the protection you need. With SiteProtect you get on-demand deployment with more control over mitigation and costs. Activate via DNS redirection or BGP routing. The SiteProtect cloud is also available as a secondary or Contingency and Failover Service for when you need excess capacity.

If you experience frequent attacks, choose SiteProtect Hybrid with always-on Arbor Networks hardware at your locations, plus failover to the Neustar cloud when attacks exceed capacity. The always-on option is available as a stand-alone solution, with a Remote Management Service available from the Neustar SOC for your existing or new Arbor appliances.

24/7 DDoS Protection Experts
Neustar’s 24/7 Security Operations Center is staffed by experts who offer years of frontline experience.

Affordable Fixed-Cost DDoS Protection
With SiteProtect, there’s no additional investment in hardware, software or staff. Our fixed-cost model protects your budget, no matter how big the attack.

Diverse Blend of DDoS Protection Technologies
With best-of-breed technologies from leading mitigation vendors, SiteProtect defends against the widest range of attacks.