PlatformOne comprehensive targeting solutions enable omni-channel marketing to help you deliver a consistent message and experience across every customer touch point. Our solutions leverage Neustar’s Authoritative Identity to give the most accurate, actionable, and up-to-date audience profiles to you can target with precision.

Target with Precision

PlatformOne provides a comprehensive set of targeting solutions to give one view of the attributes and preferences of your customers and high-value prospects that enable omni-channel targeting and deliver a consistent message and experience across every customer touch point. Our Targeting solutions empower you to use your 1st party data, discover or build high-value target audiences from our extensive library of data partners. You can also activate your custom audiences in your website, mobile app or across display, search, social, and mobile channels, as well as other marketing platforms.

Audience Targeting Capabilities


Attribute Library
Access over 100 global 3rd party data providers across a variety of targeting tactics including demographics, intent, Lifestyle, Business, etc.


Audience Planner
Build custom audiences from your 1st party data, overlay segments from any 3rd party data vendor, evaluate reach and syndicate to the industry’s largest digital media ecosystem.


Audience Extension
Leverage your CRM or POS data to model high-value customers and identify prospects with similar attributes, increasing your reach and maximizing your marketing effectiveness.


Cross-Device Targeting
Confidently reach your target audiences with the only cross-device platform based on authoritative identifiers to finally break down the separate silos of search, display, and mobile.


Omnichannel Remarketing
Reach prospects and customers who have shown intent to purchase—but not yet converted—at every point of interaction, regardless of channel or device.


Dynamic Audience Mapping
Gain actionable insights on prospects visiting your site and customize web content and offers in real time—with privacy designed into the platform from the start.

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