As DDoS attacks grow larger and increasingly complex, more companies are seeing the value in redundant protection. If you already have a solution in place, use Neustar’s SiteProtect Contingency/Failover Service for your Plan B. You’ll gain additional resources to handle larger attacks, plus peace of mind.

With our Contingency/Failover Service, you’ll have the resources to protect your network, customer service and brand. Gain backup or parallel processing capacity to counter attacks faster and clean incoming traffic. For SaaS providers, large financial organizations and carriers especially, it’s a cost-effective way to uphold service quality.

What Managed Takeover Can Provide

Carrier-class DDoS Mitigation Platforms

  • Maintains 1:1 true traffic scrubbing capacity
  • Multiple Terabits per second (Tbps) growth plans
  • Globally positioned scrubbing infrastructure
  • OSI Layer 3-7 & IPv6 capable

Extensive Technology Diversity

Best in class DDoS mitigation technologies from leading hardware providers like Arbor Networks.

Multiple Tier 1 Internet Network Providers

24/7 Security Operations Center

Our SOC is fully manned round the clock by senior-level DDoS responders. They monitor and respond to threats, flexibly changing defenses as attackers probe your network:

  • 8+ years experience managing DDoS mitigation gear
  • Engineers with 10+ years managed security experience
  • Frequent experience with the latest attack vectors