Gain a Clear Risk Score

Neustar IP Reputation gives a clear risk score for every IP address behind web transactions. Detect online fraud early in the process—affordably and accurately, without losing good business.

Neustar uses a simple 5-point rating system, ranking activities from low to high risk. Whether you’re a merchant, digital service provider or authorization service, identify risky transactions and make the call: allow a transaction to continue, ask for further verification or deny the request. You’re in control.

More Easily Prevent:

Ad Click Fraud

Combat the practice of serving ads not to be viewed but to run up ad costs or overtake ad space.

Registration Fraud

Determine if the user registering for an account (or the lead generated) is legit.

Transaction Fraud

Verify that financial transactions come from a legitimate IP address.

Malicious Traffic

Prevent bad traffic and malicious activity.

How Risk Scores Are Derived

We compute scores by using Neustar IP Intelligence GeoPoint, source of the most accurate and reliable global IP data. Neustar’s data sets are corroborated by 3.5 billion queries a day, across markets like ecommerce, financial services, advertising, gaming, video streaming and more.

Along with exclusive intelligence from a diverse network, Neustar uses proprietary predictive analytics technology. It notes behavior patterns and builds profiles to evaluate risk, accurately and at scale.

2 Service Options

Real-User Score

A relative risk score between 1-5. Analyzing the highest fraud indicators across key industries, it differentiates real end-user traffic from non human traffic.

Risk Score

An additional risk score between 1-5. To derive, we model usage of IP addresses and fraudulent activity from other IP threat intelligence sources.

IP Reputation in Action

2 Ways to Activate

Neustar IP Reputation can be accessed via a Restful API service call to our hosted web service. You can also request as a data feed for integration into an existing database.


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