Custom GeoPoint

Neustar Custom GeoPoint® enriches IP address intelligence data beyond the capabilities of most standard IP-geolocation technologies used for IP targeting. This innovative solution features a robust configuration engine, so that customers can tailor geolocation data to their needs.

With the out-of-the-box configurations of Custom GeoPoint, customers can focus on getting the most location coverage for marketing or ad serving. Furthermore, for businesses requiring highly accurate IP-to-Location data for fraud/compliance and security, customers can select a configuration to further refine IP geolocation.

Custom GeoPoint also allows customers to input their own traffic and transactional data to tune their IP-geolocation data with Neustar’s proprietary technology and processes.

Similar to Neustar’s GeoPoint and GeoPoint Premium IP data editions, Custom GeoPoint provides more than 30 data attributes for every IP address.

Custom GeoPoint offers:

  • Custom and standard configurations to produce IP-geolocation feeds based on customer needs for better coverage or accuracy
  • Increased postal code coverage in United States and Europe - geolocating IPs to 95% of the active postal codes in the US
  • US and UK Postal Code Confidence Factor for verification at a hyper-local level
  • Advanced location and IP data filtering by combining customer IP location data with Neustar’s IP location data
  • Daily updates to location and proxy/VPN fields

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