Understand Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling

There’s a right—and a wrong—path to building a marketing attribution model. But what does an effective multi-channel attribution model “look” like? "Multi-Channel Attribution @MarketShare: a Guide to Methods, Math and Meaning" examines what makes an attribution model effective, what makes it fail, and why getting the math right is critical.

The paper explores key demographic, psychographic and behavioral attributes to incorporate into attribution modeling, as well as the concepts any viable digital attribution methodology must account for—including:

  • Incrementality: The ability to identify which customer behaviors are, and are not, truly driven by marketing;
  • Heterogeneity between customers: The ability to distinguish between different classes of customers based on their likelihood to purchase;
  • External effects: An understanding of how non-addressable factors such as the economy, price, competitive behavior, weather and more can influence consumer behavior; and
  • Data visibility biases: An ability to know when more data may not be good data.

To gain a new understanding of the mathematics behind effective marketing attribution, download the paper now.