DDoS Defense: Top 10 Things To Know About Contingency Planning for DDoS Attacks


We all know what security threats are lurking out there, including new threats from ordinary citizens, not organized criminals.

  1. DDoS attacks are NOT an if, but a When...
  2. Realize that the size and number of DDoS attacks are on the rise -- A 102% increase in attack size YOY and as many as 7000 attacks happen daily.*
  3. A budget NEEDS to be allocated for DDoS mitigation
  4. There are multiple options for DDoS mitigation – on-premise, upstream, or in the cloud
  5. Evaluate the pros and cons for each option (i.e. cloud offerings are away from your network, therefore, distancing the attack from your infrastructure)
  6. Specialized expertise will eventually be needed - will you have this in house or will you need to outsource for DDoS expertise?
  7. Learn from others' past mistakes
  8. Know the limitations of your infrastructure bandwidth
  9. Once your DDoS plan is in place, make sure you evaluate the rest of your security needs (such as intrusion detection and mitigation)
  10. A contingency plan is ever changing, and will need to be reviewed and updated on a regular basis

*Arbor Networks: DDoS Attack Trends Through 2010, Infrastructure Security Report & ATLAS Initiative