Whitepaper: The Omnichannel Data Management Platform

Your Key to Delivering Relevant Marketing at Scale

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) emerged out of a complex ad tech landscape, where brands needed a better way to understand how to model the most attractive digital audience segments, target them effectively, and deliver more relevant, personalized ads that achieve higher conversion rates.

But in an increasingly cookie-less world, DMPs struggle to perform effectively. As the ecosystem of devices and channels grows, its increasing complexity has exposed significant blind spots in traditional DMPs:

  • The consumer journey remains invisible outside a limited marketing ecosystem 

  • Bias for a digital-only view obscures the offline journey 

  • Digital identities are not resolved to a single consumer 

  • Digital behaviors do not always map to real-world consumer profiles

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about a new class of DMP—one that’s able to see through the blind spots caused by transient cookie data and lack of offline visibility. Read about how an omnichannel DMP makes it possible to link disparate customer touchpoints—in-store, web, mobile, social, and more—into a unified, seamless brand experience.