Omni-channel Marketing: A Neustar High-Tech Brief

High-tech marketers long for the benefits of omni-channel marketing, but lack the analytic tools and expertise to make it work. Good news: we expect this to change in 2014.


If you’re in high-tech, you likely know the tremendous potential in omni-channel marketing: the opportunity to boost sales by personalizing and synchronizing experiences across all customer touchpoints. In fact, 65% of high-tech marketers view a robust omni-channel strategy as very important/critical or important to their organizations, according to a Neustar-sponsored survey by Multichannel Merchant. The survey included more than 350 marketing executives across high-tech, retail, financial services, media and other industries.

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High-tech marketers expect omnichannel marketing to boost sales.

What’s driving interest in omni-channel? Two words: higher sales. Over 50% of respondents are seeing or expect a lift. But how can omni-channel help specifically? Let’s start with nagging pricing challenges in the high-tech industry, where name brands are losing share to lower-cost producers.

An omni-channel strategy can’t lower the competition’s price point, but it can communicate value consistently across channels. Moreover, by using real-time information each time customers connect—based on accurate, customized audience segmentation— high-tech companies can display relevant offers in real time, including “best value” offers to bargain-hunting shoppers.

At the same time, few high-tech marketers can consistently employ customer data across multiple channels. They lack the analytics and in-house expertise, with systems integration also presenting challenges. But growing numbers of high-tech firms are developing or enhancing these capabilities. With over 65% reporting that they currently have or will soon build an omni-channel marketing strategy, momentum is gathering. A tipping point may well occur this year.

Key Findings

  1. High-tech marketers are embracing omni-channel
    • 65% say it’s essential.
    • 56% are seeing or expecting a lift in sales, mostly in the 6-20% range.
  2. Many lack the means to act on data across all touch points
    • 22% have issues with IT integration and silos.
    • Many high-tech marketers can’t link customer identifiers—email addresses, mobile phone numbers, more—to enable accurate targeting, though 78% think it’s critical/important to do so.
  3. Omni-channel’s future: the industry is investing in the tools to succeed
    • 44% currently have an omni-channel marketing strategy.
    • An additional 22% plan to invest in a strategy. Omni-channel marketers will soon be in the majority in high-tech.

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Next Steps

The report speaks loud and clear: marketers in general want to create a single customer view across all channels. However, less than one-third of respondents are actually doing it. This prevents high-tech marketers, like their counterparts in other industries, from gaining the insights to optimize the customer experience, identified by many as their number-one challenge.

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