Localized Content and Advertising


The Personalization Challenge

In brick-and-mortar retailing, location is a key factor in just about every marketing and merchandising decision: the items showcased in store windows and in local newspaper ads, the products on sale, and even the currency needed to make a purchase. You’d never put a New York Yankee’s jersey in an Atlanta window display – although the same display would drive heavy store traffic in Manhattan. Nor would you advertise sale prices for a Canadian store in Euros or describe the merchandise in Italian. But on the Internet, it’s been a different story. To date, e-retailers typically have offered the same items to everyone, everywhere – in the same language and currency. That’s because there’s been no effective way to conduct e-commerce that is specifically targeted to users in different geographical locations. Until now. Neustar IP Intelligence can tell you WHERE your online customers are as soon as they visit your site.

How do you Determine a Web Visitors Location?

Since Web visitors can come from anywhere in the world, it’s not possible to know what is relevant to them without first knowing something about them. To get to know them, you can use cookies – but about half the people don’t accept them or even delete them because of privacy issues. And new users regularly arrive on your site that you haven’t even had the opportunity to cookie. As an alternative to cookies, you can ask visitors to subscribe or register to gain special perks. But most won’t do that because they don’t want to give out personal information – and many who do use false information.

With Neustar’s Internet geolocation technology you can instantly determine a Web visitor’s real-world location – from country level down to a city area, by identifying the Internet protocol (IP) domain of origin. There’s no need to ask for further information or store cookies in their browsers.

Deliver Geographically Targeted Content

If you know WHERE a customer is when he comes to your Website, you can immediately decide how to interact with him. You can customize your Website content, language, currency, products and promotions – making sure your site is relevant to each customer from the very first page. You can decide what ads to show them – Yankee’s gear to New Yorkers – improving click-through rates and reducing wasted impressions. You can even serve content rich ads only to those who have the bandwidth to view them.

IP Geolocation Technology

Neustar’s Internet geolocation data deploys real-time techniques to help online businesses locate virtually any visitor to their Website, regardless of the network connection or device they use for Internet access. Neustar provides geographic information for IP addresses including continent, country, region (US only), time zone, state, city, postal code, longitude/latitude and phone prefix (US and Canada only). We also provide demographic identifiers for IP addresses within the United States including DMA codes (Nielsen Designated Market Areas). Finally we provide network connection information for IP addresses, including connection type and speed and an AOL flag.


  • Enhance each Web user’s experience by providing relevant localized information, such as news, weather, and event listings.
  • Enable personalization for unregistered or un-cookied users – the vast majority of Web traffic.
  • Speak to users in their own language and increase site stickiness from the moment they enter your site.
  • Boost critical metrics such as time on-site click-through rates to drive higher advertising revenues. Neustar ad serving customers have seen up to 30% increases in their ratios of clickthrough to dollars spent.
  • Respect privacy by pinpointing the Web visitor’s location without the use of cookies, registration information or click-stream data.
  • Adhere to national laws limiting the distribution and availability of restricted content.
  • Track campaign effectiveness by analyzing geographic results. Neustar’s customers have seen drop off rates shrink as much as 70% when content is delivered in the right language.

Localize Your Advertising and Web Content

To get started, Neustar can analyze a customer’s current and past online traffic through Web logs to tell WHERE the customer’s Web visitors are when they log on. And we can break this down to continent, country, state, and city level. With this knowledge, you can better address the needs of your visitors. You may already have this information through your web analytics provider, but that may not include Neustar’s data which is recognized as the most comprehensive and accurate information available.

This is our approach to helping you maximize the global value of your Website through the use of Internet geolocation. We provide all the data elements you need to identify your Web visitor’s location. We’ll teach you how to activate that data within your systems. And we’ll help you modify your business rules over time as your online business evolves.

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