Neustar IP Intelligence Powers Many of the Leading Gaming and Lottery Sites


Accepting a single wager or payment from a country that has laws restricting Internet gambling can bring stiff legal consequences, including asset freezes, monetary fines and even imprisonment. Leaving your selection of geolocation vendor to chance or lowest cost exposes your Company, your reputation, your player experiences and your revenues

50+ Leading Game and Lottery sites now use Neustar IP Intelligence

Many of the largest names in the industry use Neustar directly or through our partners. The requirement to absolutely know to the highest possible level drives geolocation decisions across the boardrooms in Europe and America.

Traditionally, the most obvious application of geolocation for online gaming sites and payment processors would be to deny bets placed from users in countries such as the United States. However, due to the increased scrutiny placed on the gaming industry by regulators, as well as the heightened concerns of gaming company shareholders towards any missteps, simply blocking a user based on the country they state they are in is now deemed insufficient.

Public-source geolocation data, widely available in the industry, can help identify the location of IP addresses at the country, state and city levels. However, often the IP location is not necessarily equivalent to the actual location of the end user. In fact, in some cases the user could be connected from a continent thousands of miles away. As an example, gaming companies are likely to be familiar with the concept of a user leveraging an anonymizing proxy to obtain illegitimate access. Geolocation industry-leader Neustar has spent more than nine years analyzing IP locations, determining which IP addresses are representative of user location and which require more scrutiny.

Lotteries, Casinos, and Sportsbooks sites must implement the most rigorous standards possible to ensure Compliance or risk infringing licence operating conditions. Trusting this to low end supplied information, risks the business and the immediate negative publicity. Data needs to be of the highest quality possible with weekly updates and the backup of industry professionals when required.

Neustar’s customers, especially in the U.K, have been early adopters of IP Intelligence technology. For example, Ladbrokes, the world’s biggest bookmaker, was ordered by a Dutch court to prevent domestic gamers from placing bets on its web site. Utilizing IP Intelligence data from Neustar, Ladbrokes was able to comply with the ruling by blocking online users from locations inside the Netherlands – a task that was achieved with virtually 100 percent accuracy.


“We carefully selected Neustar to handle our IP recognition because they are rightfully seen as best of the breed. Operating in the gambling space means that first and foremost we have to be 100% about who our customers are and where they are based,”


“Compliance is a critical, multistep process for us. Neustar provides the necessary first step for Neustar’s IP geolocation data allows our company to be compliant on a state-by-state basis with a high degree of accuracy.”

—Brett Calapp President Ultimate Blackjack Tour

“Selecting Neustar’s geolocation and routing detection capabilities has definitely aided our continued progress, and has played an intricate role in placing our name amongst the leaders of online payment fraud controllers. We plan to keep using Neustar, and to keep doing what we do best – providing online merchants with one of the most secure and profitable payment solutions available today.”

—David Avgi CEO SafeCharge International

IP Address Data Elements

When a computer is connected to the Internet, it is assigned an IP address by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The IP address helps one computer or network device find another computer over a network. In all there are approaching 2 billion publicly routable IP addresses recorded in five major global registries. An IP address block might be associated with a major Internet backbone, ISP, large enterprise or a public institution. A given network block can then be sub allocated, sometimes down to the individual IP level, possibly to a location that is different than that found in the registry. This is why simply using registry information to discern user location is inherently inaccurate, because many organizations operate on a multinational scale.

Although registry is an important piece of evidence that should be assessed, it truly is only part of the equation. Active sensing techniques and human reasoning must also be applied. Neustar continuously monitors the Internet and captures terabytes of data it feeds into patented algorithms that are constantly monitored and improved by human analysts who have years of domain knowledge. The data is distilled into geographic information about the IP address including continent, country, region, state and city. It also offers derived information for use in different client applications including representative time zone, postal code, and latitude/longitude information.

GeoPoint Database

The core intelligence of the system is the GeoPoint Database, the most accurate and comprehensive source of location information for IP addresses. It is the central repository for all of the Internet geolocation data gathered by Neustar and contains up to 30 valuable geographic and network attributes for approaching 2 billion routable and addressable IP addresses.

Defining our Quality

The best measurement of geolocation is the quality of the results it provides in your environment. Neustar is the only geolocation vendor to annually commission PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) to audit our processes and data. This ensures objectivity and provides our customers and partners with a strong statement to support the quality of the Neustar data and services they are using.