5 Ways Dynamic Content Can Rock Your Website Marketing


Say you own a sporting goods store smack in the heart of Boston. Would you proudly display a New York Yankees jersey in your front window? Not if you want to move merchandise and keep your window intact. So why would you do the equivalent on your ecommerce website?

Thanks to IP intelligence, you can avoid that scenario. IP intelligence is just what it sounds like: actionable information gleaned from IP addresses, enabling you to offer a more relevant web experience. The user’s geographic location is especially valuable to know, though it’s hardly the only piece of intelligence available from IPs. For example, you can also learn the type of Internet connection the user relies on.

By knowing “where,” you can tailor website content to individual customers, making it easier for them to find what they want and buy. In fact, studies show that personalized, dynamic sites increase response rates up to 70%.

Five smart ways website personalization can work for you:

1. Show the right products in the right places.

Normally your window of opportunity is during spring and early summer. Once these warmer seasons are over, product demand drops. Who needs wicker deck chairs during a snowstorm? However, with IP intelligence you can market your outdoor furniture to visitors in warm-weather states and indoor furniture, if you carry it, to folks in colder climes.

ip geolocation and product offers

2. Tailor offers and pricing.

Offers in bricks-and-mortar stores vary by region and city. IP intelligence lets you do the same with online promotions and pricing. Besides gaining the flexibility to market-sensitize pricing, you can test the best ways to frame promotional deals. Check out the Special Offers page on Skype.com. Note the differences between the American and Swedish versions. The offers are not only different; one shows actual prices, the other savings percentages.

ip geolocation offers & pricing

3. Convert global buyers by showing the right language and currency.

China accounts for nearly a quarter of all global traffic, as much as the U.S., India, Japan and Brazil combined. So when a visitor from Shanghai lands on your site, make sure your home page loads in Mandarin, not English or German. With IP intelligence, you can offer a country-specific site showing native currency. Have a look at yoox.com as seen in the U.S. and Italy.

ip geolocation and language

Both pages are on the same domain and root directory of yoox.com. If you have multiple websites targeting various countries, you can simply redirect visitors to the appropriate site when they click on a link or type an address into a browser. Show Mexican visitors pages in Spanish with prices in pesos. Use the right formats for dates, addresses and telephone numbers. You’ll demonstrate to global buyers you’re serious about their business.

4. Customize visuals.

Before website visitors read, they look. And they make a decision: is this site for me? See how Marriott.com looks in France versus Brazil.

ip geolocation and custom images
ip geo and custom images

One site is cool and elegant, the other warm and inviting. Each has strong appeal to visitors from certain places.

5. Boost offline business by listing nearby stores.

You can also offer coupons good at local stores, plus show which locations have which items in stock. Or sync online promotions to offline activities, matching with local inventory to spur impulse shopping. Go another step further and build community loyalty programs with local buyer groups, message boards and event calendars.

Some studies estimate that 30% of all website visitors leave within seconds. Why? Simple: they can’t find what they came for. As Google puts it, “A high bounce rate generally indicates that site entrance pages aren’t relevant to your visitors’ needs.” To keep your site relevant—and profitable—keep it personal.

The Bottom Line Benefits

Dynamic, personalized content equals relevant experiences. Those in turn deliver:

  • Lower website bounce rates
  • Longer customer engagement
  • Higher conversions
  • Increased revenues
  • More repeat business

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