Report: If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business

The domain name server, or DNS, is one of the most frequently used resources on the Internet, yet few companies know how to maximize its potential. As a critical, connective component of the Internet that allows people to connect with a brand’s website, properly managed DNS can improve website availability, performance, reliability, and security.

In this research piece, “If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business,” Gartner underscores the organizational importance of DNS, and highlights the benefits of companies sourcing their DNS to a managed provider.

Additional takeaways and recommendations from the report:

  • Don’t assume that internal and external DNS should be treated or supported in the same way
  • Take inventory of existing DNS practices, noting both cost to support and ability to evolve in support of increasingly distributed and Internet/cloud-based solutions
  • Don’t assume your current DNS solution is optimized for reliability or cost

Read more about Gartner’s recommendations on how to get the most out DNS, and 7 key advantages of outsourcing DNS externally from a managed DNS provider.

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