DNS Security Threats & Solutions

Critical Role of DNS Calls for Higher Reliability, Tighter Security

So much of a brand’s identity relies on its website. From its look and feel to its functionality and availability, a company’s website personifies its value, benefits and worth. As the engine that keeps websites up and running, DNS is vitally important, and under constant attack.

This piece, “Critical Role of DNS Calls for Higher Reliability, Tighter Security,” surveys IT professionals to assess the growing threats against DNS, and measures their confidence in their current DNS strategies.

Some study findings:

  • 62% have experienced a DNS-based DDoS Attack
  • 60% are extremely/very concerned about a security breach at the DNS level
  • 50% are concerned about a poor customer experience if DNS went down
  • Just 12% are extremely confident in their protection from DNS threats

Read more and learn what keeps IT professionals up at night when their DNS is at risk and website availability is on the line.

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