US DDoS Attacks and Protection Report, April 2015

The Rise of Hybrid Prevention Strategies to Outperform Attackers

Neustar surveyed hundreds of IT professionals in the United States to get a broad perspective on the current threat and impact of DDoS attacks, and to learn which DDoS protection strategies companies are embracing. Distilling this survey data, we created the latest iteration of our annual report on the DDoS landscape.

Some surprising top-line trends from the report:

  • 51% of companies are investing more in prevention than last year
  • Nearly 1 in 3 businesses are investing in hybrid defenses (on-site hardware + cloud protection)
  • When a DDoS outage would mean peak-hour losses of over $100K, 95% of financial companies rely on hybrid solutions
  • Over half of all companies name customer support as the function most hurt by attacks

Read more about these trends and the evolving tactics to address DDoS attacks. Being fully informed is the first step towards minimizing your vulnerability.

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