Whitepaper: Data Onboarding

How to Avoid the Traps of “Dirty Data”

Would it surprise you to learn that anywhere between 50 and 70 percent of the information you get from data onboarding is “dirty data”? These incorrect linkages and inaccurate matches generate tremendous waste in your media buys. In this white paper, we’ll explore four common pitfalls that marketers often fall into.

Are you guilty of:

  • Relying on hypothetical linkages, aka. the road to false positives;
  • Believing the individual targeting hype (it’s not everything it’s cracked up to be);
  • Attempting omnichannel measurement without having a persistent, cross-channel, people-based view of your data;
  • Forgetting that onboarding is just the beginning to building customer relationships?

Learn the dangers of these common mistakes and which critical questions to ask your onboarding partner in order to avoid them. Stop dealing with the headaches that come from dirty data!

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