How Do You Stop Account Origination Fraud?

Neustar and American Banker Research Report on Account Orgination Fraud.

Every year, banks, businesses and consumers lose more than a billion dollars to fraudulently opened accounts. What can you do to stop it? Start by reading the new research paper published by American Banker and Neustar, “Whose Credit Line Is It Anyway?”

Based on research conducted with over 200 financial executives, this whitepaper answers some of the most pressing questions that risk managers are facing today:

  • What are our peers doing to stop account origination fraud?
  • What is the true cost of fraud in terms of lost revenue and productivity?
  • Will the threat of account origination fraud rise in the next few years?
  • Which solutions on the market today can improve our fraud detection capabilities?

The best defense against fraud is information. Get informed and download this free research paper today.