PlatformOne Marketing Technology Platform


Watch this video to learn about our centralized marketing technology solution, Neustar PlatformOneTM.

Video Transcript

Rocket Scientists have it easy. It’s marketers like you who face real challenges, like a vast media ecosystem, customers who are constantly on the move and the fact you’re drowning in information.

One solution has the answer: Neustar’s PlatformOne, a central platform with identity at its core to activate your customer and media intelligence.

It identifies and segments your customers and prospects. It links them to predictive attributes such as purchase propensity, psychographic and demographic profiles. It optimizes your media mix. And it turns insights into powerful action across your marketing activities.

Only PlatformOne can link your customer interactions with Neustar’s unique identities so you can create a single portrait of your customer, enable a personalized dialogue in offline and online marketing, inbound and outbound. Gain a complete real time picture of your customer without compromising privacy. Increase your reach, your relevance, and your ROI. Know your customer. A personalized dialogue. One platform does it all, Neustar PlatformOne.