We Connect Everyone

Neustar Makes Technologies Work Together


Service providers look to Neustar to power customer connections, ensure online transactions and deliver Web analytics.



I work at Neustar. And I connect everyone.

We are really critical to connecting the world. We are people that sit underneath the cover in terms of connecting people, markets, competitors and things to each other. Neustar is part of everyday life for a lot of people and they have absolutely no idea.

When someone goes to pick up a phone and dial a phone number to reach their friend around the world, they don’t really need to know how they are getting connected to that person. When they are out looking on the internet for a website, they don’t really need to know how they got to the site. They just need to know that they got connected – and that is where Neustar comes in.

We connect everyone, to everything, to every device. Enabling transactions, enabling neutrality; being that party that can enable service providers and the internet community to talk to each other. You’re connected everywhere and easily accessible. Neustar makes technology work together. Things that wouldn’t necessarily talk to each other.

Neustar is the neutral party that makes everything work so that end-user has a great and seamless experience. And that is really what we do at Neustar, we connect people to what matters most. Whether that is their family, their friends, their life passions -- driving all these things forward. From a user's point of view, it doesn’t matter how it happens. What happens is: they can get to their friends and they can have that conversation.

What is most exciting is all the work we are doing on the internet, because we are making the internet work. We connect everyone, be it within communications, be it within an enterprise system, or in the entertainment world. We connect by porting numbers, we connect by DNS services, we connect by metric services…

A lot of the services that Neustar provides are actually at the bleeding edge of technological capability. And as a result, customers look to Neustar for help and guidance on how to launch and market effectively.

We connect everyone. I connect everyone. All of these things really need to have some kind of personal significance to each employee, in order to feel part of Neustar as a whole, but also of the world.

We can provide many more customers and many more operators, at the end of the day, even more people the ability to communicate. For us, that is really the essence of our business. When we are trying to help customers, we are connecting people to their people, to their things, to their messages, to their videos -- that sounds really simple. From a consumer point of view: I want my MTV, I want to get what I want, when I want it on any device.

From the point of view of an enterprise or a network provider, that is unbelievably complex stuff. That is really tough technology. Our customers have a huge number of headaches. We are just going to our customers and saying ‘how are you hurting? Let me take away the pain.’ Then coming up with a solution and sending it back. We win.

I work at Neustar. And I connect everyone.