Online Advertising Trends & Tips for Conversion

How Shifts in Digital Ad Spending and Targeting Can Improve Your Performance


What does it take for a brand to boost its conversions 28x quarter over quarter? What digital channels provide the best bang for the buck? How can you use your offline CRM data to drive your online results? Watch this webinar with Neustar’s Rob Gatto and Accuen's Kalyana Prattipati to learn how shifts in digital ad spend, improved targeting strategies and use of offline customer data online can lead to dramatic increases in conversions. In this webinar, they will share the powerful industry trends and insights uncovered in Neustar’s latest Media Intelligence Report, its quarterly analysis of what’s working (and what’s not) in digital channels. You will find out:

  • Which channels perform best for cost, reach and user quality?
  • Which channels deliver influence versus conversions?
  • Why should you use your offline first-party data to reach customers online?
  • How to increase performance by identifying and targeting top-converting audiences in key industry verticals?