Webinar: Tip the Scale in Your Favor: Master Directory Listings


You’re paying to manage your customer records—and every time you update your listings, you’re giving your competitors the scoop on your customers’ new directory listing information. In conjunction with our new ebook, Striking a Better Balance, we held a webinar to discuss the ins and outs of mastering your DL records.

Managing those records can be challenging—the information is complex and dynamic. Keeping it up to date can be costly, and some of those costs are difficult to identify. But demand for authoritative, up-to-date DL information is thriving. Neustar offers solutions to keep costs low and protect your data while keeping your DL records up to date.

Listen as experts from Neustar discuss these challenges and options for moving forward. Our webinar features experts David Turner, Senior Director, Project Management; Annemarie Medina, Director, Strategic Accounts; and Jennifer Marina, Manager, Professional Services Engagements.