Neustar Information Services Overview



“Who?” is just the beginning.

When we pioneered the ability to instantly verify the identity of a prospect or customer the moment they contact you. Online, on the phone or at the point of sale, it was a big deal. And it still is.

After all, no matter how they reach out to you…

…with a name, address, phone or email—any of many possible identifiers—you get instant and accurate identification and verification.

All generated from as little as a single identifier.

No mean feat. But we also give you so much more.

Like insights on what you most want to know about that customer’s household.

Instantly. At the moment of engagement. Interactions are funneled to the right place, right away.

So customers and prospects get the messages and offers that deliver a better customer experience, and a better bottom line.

And, we deliver what you need to know about customers in real-time, one customer at a time, no matter how many interactions you process in a single day, hour or minute.

That’s real on-demand consumer insight. And it’s powered by IANSM, our proprietary, on-demand insight engine.

IAN empowers you to make all the right decision across the entire customer lifecycle—from strategic marketing analytics to acquisition, from verification to evaluation, to retention, cross sell and up sell.

Because IAN is fueled by some of the most authoritative and current consumer and business information available anywhere,…

linked to thousands of household level attributes …

…and delivered over a secure, scalable Network, you get the actionable insights you need.

So no matter where your customers and prospects may be in the customer lifecycle, you’ll always get the right answers—the right insights, right away.

Thanks to IAN.