Audience Targeting Solutions Video




Whether you’re an agency pro or brand marketer, you share a common pain: reaching unique audiences with your online ads. You need to hit the mark consistently without wasting money. So it’s good to know about Neustar Audience Targeting Solutions. You see, we reach audiences no one else can.

Up until now, if you wanted to reach shoppers in Poughkeepsie with household incomes over $80,000…

Well, good luck. Sure, you’d reach some of those folks, along with hair dressers in Hyde Park and night watchmen in New Paltz. And the occasional dairy farmer down in Dutchess County.

Not exactly surgical. But with Neustar, you get super-accurate targeting and no wasted ads.

For instance, you could: Promote your national department store to the right local consumers. We’ll send your ads to neighborhoods with specific household incomes, within a defined radius of each store location – plus target local conference centers and hotels. Or say you’re a tech company trying to reach Congress and key federal agencies. We’ll deliver your ad inside the Beltway, including venues like airports, major hotels and even sporting arenas. Or maybe you’re recruiting college grads from top accounting programs. You could target specific colleges, honing in by campus.

Learn more. See how our network geographers collect and verify IP data, so we can target your ad by industry and location. Adding demographic data for even sharper focus.

Plus see how we deliver your ads on real-time bidding exchanges, giving you a complete solution.

Use us for all your needs or to complement campaigns that target elusive audiences other solutions miss.

So who do you need to reach? Let’s talk today.