Web Performance Analysis & Testing

This consultative engagement includes a thorough review of your web infrastructure followed by detailed recommendations designed to achieve substantial, quantifiable gains in performance.



  • Analyze bottlenecks in web application performance
  • Test the performance and capacity of applications during peak traffic
  • Get customized recommendations for improving performance
  • Enhance your customer’s website experience

Your web applications not only support logins and shopping carts. They also help maintain your customer experience and brand image. To ensure your web infrastructure performs to expectations, let Neustar analyze and test your website, applications and web services. We’ll guide you start to finish, satisfaction guaranteed. Making informed decisions will be easier than ever.

Dedicated Web Performance Expertise

We’ll assign a lead engineer who will work with you closely on defining your needs, creating a workable schedule and setting goals.

Clear, Detailed Web Performance Reporting

Throughout the process, you’ll receive detailed performance reports and technical observations, helping you to analyze issues and map next steps.

Expert Advice and Recommendations

Get specific recommendations for optimizing your site. Both in written summaries and one-on-one discussions, gain from the unbiased insights of an independent expert.


0.25 Seconds delay
All it takes to lose a customer

0.50 Seconds delay
equals a 20% drop in traffic

Full-Service Website Load Testing

Load testing is the practice of simulating activity on your website and applications to see how they perform. It’s a smart way to ensure you’re ready for launch or peak traffic, plus know how many users you can handle at acceptable page loads.

If your testing needs are complex or you simply need extra resources, our professional services experts can help. Your lead engineer will work with you throughout to gather requirements, define scenarios, run tests and review results. You’ll identify issues like bandwidth limitations, error rates exceeding thresholds and server CPU limitations.

Typical Metrics Used

Summary Results

  • Total page load attempts
  • Total page load failures
  • Total transaction attempts (sequence of pages)
  • Total transaction failures
  • Total data transferred (Mbytes)
  • Average throughput
  • Throughput and total transfer by interval summary
  • Average load time by page
  • % of errors by page

By-Page Results

  • Page load time by page
  • Page load times compared to no-load benchmark

By-Interval Results

  • Page load times compared to no-load benchmark
  • Number of successes/failures for each step
  • Error rate by interval
  • Page load time by interval
  • Transaction load time by interval


  • Successes/Failures per minute (aka errors by time)
  • Page attempts/errors by page by interval
  • % Errors by page
  • % Errors by type (Content, Timeout, Connectivity)

Note: Content/application errors are captured and saved for later analysis. Screenshots and video playback of errors are also available when testing with real browsers.


1.0 Seconds delay
can cause a 7% drop in conversions

64% of shoppers
unhappy with a website will go elsewhere next time

Web Performance Analysis

Receive a thorough analysis of your web applications. We’ll diagnose, analyze and provide custom recommendations or provide a detailed comparison of your website’s performance versus your competitors’ sites.

As your analysis and assessment progress, your lead engineer will run a series of tests against your web applications, analyze performance metrics and generate a report. When the analysis is completed, he/she will prepare a summary document and review it with you carefully.

Typical Metrics Used

Performance by Browser:

  • Internet Explorer
  • Chrome
  • Firefox

Application Source Code Analysis:

  • Full-page breakdown analysis
  • JavaScript optimization
  • Cascading style sheet (CSS) optimization
  • HTML /image optimization
  • Third-party content and advertisements

Geographical Analysis:

  • Performance analysis by region (city, state, country and continent) with the Neustar global agent network in more than 100 major cities worldwide
  • Latency analysis

Weekly Trending Analysis:

  • Weekly snapshots searching for bottlenecks or performance degradation trends
  • Statistical variation
  • Worst hour/worst day analysis

We Can Also Provide:

Scripting Assistance
As experts in the Selenium open-source toolkit, our team will help you write and develop web monitoring scripts.

Intelligent Alerting
We’ll help you set up and deploy performance alerts that let you troubleshoot common issues automatically.

API Development
We can develop APIs to help you integrate performance data into your existing systems.

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