Neustar Website Monitoring and DDoS Protection

See it sooner. Stop it faster.


0.25 Seconds delay All it takes to lose a customer

0.50 Seconds delay equals a 20% drop in traffic

DDoS attacks can cost you up to $100K per hour

Let’s face it, consumers are demanding. At the slightest website delay, customers will abandon your page and check out the competition. When so much relies on your online presence, it’s critical to understand how your website is performing and have visibility into issues like potential DDoS attacks – before your customers do and it impacts your bottom line.

But you can’t fix a problem you don’t know exists. With the powerful combination of Neustar’s website monitoring and DDoS mitigation, you’ll be able to recognize when your site is underperforming, plus identify and mitigate DDoS attacks fast.

Holistic Website Protection:

  • Minimize revenue loss
  • Reduce website downtime
  • Protect your brand
  • Get real-time visibility into issues and DDoS attacks
  • Control when and how to address issues


  • Synthetic and real user measurements
  • Intelligent alerts to kick off fixes
  • Internal and external perspectives
  • Emulated mobile monitoring

Website Monitoring
Find and fix performance problems.

To find the widest range of web performance issues, set up synthetic and real user monitors from a single interface, plus use multiple real browsers, emulated browsers or both. Extensive diagnostics and multi-domain views give you a holistic perspective inside and outside the firewall. Configure monitoring alerts to interpret errors and automatically make contingency decisions, which can also be extended to third party platforms and tools.

Alerts and Remediation
Script alerts to identify problems with connectivity, time-outs, SLA violations and more. Create contingency plans to remediate issues faster.

Real User Measurements
See how your website performs for real end users. Catch problems your synthetic website monitoring isn’t scripted to find.*

Mobile Monitoring
Test your web services from the leading mobile devices. Our emulated solution works seamlessly with your servers to monitor performance and functionality.

Multiple Browsers
Monitor with the most commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome or all. Compare how performance varies from one browser to another.

Internal Monitoring
With Private Agent, collect availability and performance data from anywhere in your infrastructure, both external and internal, and gain a holistic perspective.

Global Perspectives
With agents on six continents and in over 100 major cities, our monitoring network gives you a global view of site performance.


  • Experienced DDoS fighters on the job 24/7
  • Proven mitigation responses
  • Blend of leading technolog

An average mid-size enterprise ($10 million in annual revenue) would lose over $150,000 from just one successful DDoS attack

Intelligent DDoS Protection

We’ve Got You Covered
To stop today’s sophisticated DDoS attacks, you need more than just technology. You also need the right blend of expertise and methods. At Neustar, we know smart attacks require even smarter responses.

Highly trained experts in DDoS mitigation avoid the need for costly in-house resources.

Battle-tested DDoS protection methodologies mitigate risks to your revenue, customer experience and brand.

Best-of-breed equipment stops DDoS attacks fast and eliminates downtime.

Instant Activation: Stop DDoS Attacks Fast
Mitigate DDoS attacks soon as they begin. On-demand service lets you turn on DDoS protection in minutes.

24/7 Dedicated DDoS Mitigation Experts
Neustar’s 24/7 Security Operations Center is staffed by some of the world’s top DDoS protection experts, who offer years of frontline experience.

Affordable Fixed-Cost DDoS Mitigation
With SiteProtect, there’s no additional investment in hardware, software or staff. Our fixed-cost model protects your budget, no matter how big the attack.

Diverse Blend of DDoS Mitigation Technologies
With best-of-breed technologies from a range of leading vendors, SiteProtect provides comprehensive DDoS protection.

10+ Years of DDoS Protection Experience
Neustar has been fighting DDoS attacks for over a decade. Our hands-on experience means faster, more effective DDoS mitigation.

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* Neustar does not collect personally identifiable information on users. All monitoring data is anonymous and aggregate.