Neustar Website Marketing

Show visitors customized offers every time they land on your website.

  • Segment visitors in real time to determine best customers
  • Display offers that match customer interest and propensity
  • Increase interactions and site conversions
  • Synchronize messaging across multiple channels, both offline and online

Neustar Activation:
Act on media and customer intelligence to personalize your dialogue.

You invest millions in your website and digital marketing efforts to drive traffic. But, without actionable insights on your site visitors, you can’t speak to them in the most relevant way. With Neustar Website, you can change that by engaging your customers to the right content, the right offer, or the right product or solution.

Gain the consumer data you need to go beyond multivariate testing. Make informed decisions about displaying offers while tailoring creative to the right audiences. The results: more engaging consumer experiences, more visitor interaction and higher conversion rates.

Gain actionable insights based on your customer data.

With Neustar, get access to thousands of offline consumer attributes so you can display the right offers to the right customers. Combine these with your CRM data to create custom audience segments, leveraging demographic, geographic and psychographic insights. Apply them to all site visitors—customers or prospects, anonymous or authenticated. Multivariate testing provides part of the solution, but doesn’t get you to what you really care about – the ability to customize offers that create upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Use analytics and segmentation across your online marketing efforts.

Neustar Website is powered by our proprietary marketing analytics engine. By tying together all online interactions you have with our customer, marketers have the opportunity to eliminate wasted impressions by understanding what is driving customers to their website and then taking them down a path that quickly leads to action. The end goal is the ability to quantify and qualify customers and prospects accurately, then execute tactics at scale—in real time, one interaction at a time.

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