Neustar Website Load Testing

Get out in front of web performance problems.


Find performance issues. Traffic-proof your site. Optimize and avoid website problems down the road. To help you accomplish this, Neustar offers load testing both on-demand and managed by our expert team.

Your site. Your choice.

If you need a quick, effective solution, choose on-demand testing. If your needs are more complex, rely on dedicated engineers to guide you end to end.

Full-Service Load Testing On-Demand Load Testing
Fully managed solution with a dedicated engineer DIY flexibility
Fast turnaround time Run tests on your own schedule, 24/7
Clear reporting and detailed analysis Real-time object-level reporting
Expert recommendations Free trial to get you started
Selenium-based for easy scripting and use Selenium-based for easy scripting and use

Avoid trouble: Find and fix website issues.

Whether you’re gearing up for the holidays or launching a new application, Neustar website load testing lets you be proactive. Gain the tools to diagnose and remediate problems before customers are affected and the bottom line suffers.

Address Wide-Ranging Issues
Tackle performance problems such as bandwidth limitations, error rates exceeding thresholds, server PU limitations, errant load balancing configurations, router/firewall failure and misconfigured web servers, application servers and database servers.

Test the Largest Loads
Because our testing is cloud-based, you can generate nearly infinite amounts of simulated website traffic from a huge pool of IP addresses.

Remediate (and Spend) Wisely
With real browser testing and granular reporting, identify performance problems with greater accuracy. Gain better AJAX support, clearer reporting of errors and more accurate views of how your site performs. Make the right fixes, instead of spending unnecessarily on hardware and bandwidth.

Half the Effort, Twice the Result
Like our website monitoring services, Neustar load testing uses the Selenium open-source framework for browser automation. If you already work with this popular toolkit, you’ll find scripting easier than ever.

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