Cloud Security Services

Distinct and Powerful Protection for Today’s Online Infrastructure Environments

Whether it’s managing traffic, defending against cyber threats, ensuring website performance, detecting fraud, or all of the above, Neustar ensures your customers have a seamless online experience.

Infrastructure Protection


Neustar UltraDNS is a cloud-based, authoritative managed DNS service that helps businesses with critical online infrastructures connect and stay connected to
the internet — ensuring better website availability, improved security, and faster performance for their users. UltraDNS delivers 100% uptime, fast, accurate query responses and extreme scalability with an expansive global infrastructure of over 30 nodes on 6 continents.

Further optimize DNS traffic with Advanced Traffic Management services, which help to increase website reliability and performance and ensure a flawless end-user experience. UltraDNS also includes built-in protection against DNS- based attacks. Neustar’s separate, cloud-based scrubbing network and Security Operations Center (SOC) experts work quickly and efficiently to mitigate attacks. With 24/7 support and over 16 years of industry experience, Neustar fully manages your DNS so you can focus on other priorities.


Neustar SiteProtect is a purpose-built, DDoS protection and mitigation service with deployment options to meet the needs of all organizations. Neustar offers intelligent protection that includes proprietary methodologies, years of expert hands-on experience, and best-of-breed mitigation technologies. Offering both cloud and hybrid services, Neustar’s expert DDoS fighters intelligently match mitigation measures and technology to threats, surgically derailing even the most complex attacks.

The Neustar Security Operations team monitors Net flow data and performs real- time analysis to detect potential DDoS attacks and trigger alerts for mitigation. With a 1:1 scrubbing capacity to bandwidth ratio and with multi-homed nodes, Neustar has the bandwidth, technology and expertise to mitigate today’s largest and most dynamic attacks without having to filter out good traffic like other providers do.

Website Performance

Website Monitoring

Neustar Enterprise Monitoring is a cloud-
based service that uses synthetic and real user measurements to provide holistic, detailed website and network performance information, from inside and outside the firewall. Intelligent alerts and rules-based actions interpret errors, communicate problems, and can automatically take contingency actions that may extend to third-party platforms and tools.

Load Testing

Neustar Load Testing enables organizations to test and prepare websites for peak performance. Offering on-demand or a fully managed service, Neustar gives organizations the necessary flexibility to comprehensively test website performance under real world conditions. Sharing a common platform with Neustar Enterprise Monitoring, Neustar Load Testing provides extensive reporting and analysis that uncovers the details needed to make the right adjustments and performance investments — every time.

Fraud Detection

IP Intelligence

Neustar IP Intelligence offers IP-based anti-fraud and location targeting tools that are powered by our data services to obtain IP intelligence to reduce costs and mitigate risks when doing business online. By using our exclusive IP GeoPoint database with over 40 data points to accurately map billions of IP addresses worldwide, we provide IP attributes and scores that help identify how a user connects to the internet, where a user is connecting from, and potential indicators of fraudulent and risky behaviors.

Neustar utilizes patented, proprietary and advanced technologies to ensure complete and accurate data collection, tracking and mapping
for every routable IP address in the world. By augmenting our IP geolocation data with insights derived from select global partners, we provide the most granular city-level data, down to postal codes. Neustar powers billions of IP geolocation lookups every day for our customers in financial services, retail, technology and ad networks.

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