Protect Your Customer Experience with Website Monitoring and Load Testing

Neustar Web Performance Management


The Platform That Delivers:

Power: Diagnose performance errors, regardless of site size, geographic location or platform.

Capability: Gain views of multidomain performance, real user experience and overall site capacity.

Simplicity: Use a single platform (Selenium-based for ease of use) to understand performance in real time and take action.

Scalability: Monitor and load test sites as they scale, regardless of fluctuating configuration and complexity.

Every Second Counts

0.25 seconds delay: All it takes to lose a customer

0.50 seconds delay equals a 20% drop in traffic

1.0 seconds delay can cause a 7% drop in conversions

Neustar Web Performance
Eliminate web performance theft.

Slow web performance means slower business. Think about it: When something is robbing your website of performance, it is stealing from your bottom line. Every time your site is unavailable or a page loads slowly, your customers won’t hesitate to flee for the competition.

In fact, studies show that consumers will leave in three seconds or less. To protect your online performance, revenues and brand, Neustar Web Performance offers website monitoring and load testing services, a complete set of tools to find and fix problems. No other solution offers all this on a single powerful platform: saving you time, money and headaches.

Website Monitoring
Find and fix performance problems.

To find the widest range of web performance issues, set up synthetic and real user monitors from a single interface, plus use multiple real browsers, emulated browsers or both. Extensive diagnostics and multi-domain views give you a holistic perspective inside and outside the firewall. Configure monitoring alerts to interpret errors and automatically make contingency decisions, which can also be extended to third party platforms and tools.

Alerts and remediation
Script alerts to identify problems with connectivity, time-outs, SLA violations and more. Create contingency plans to remediate issues faster.

Real User Measurements
See how your website performs for real end users. Catch problems your synthetic website monitoring isn’t scripted to find.*

Mobile Monitoring
Test your web services from the leading mobile devices. Our emulated solution works seamlessly with your servers to monitor performance and functionality.

Multiple Browsers
Monitor with the most commonly used browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Chrome or all. Compare how performance varies from one browser to another.

Internal Monitoring
With Private Agent, collect availability and performance data from anywhere in your infrastructure, both external and internal, and gain a holistic perspective.

Global Perspectives
With agents on six continents and in over 100 major cities, our monitoring network gives you a global view of site performance.

Website Load Testing
Your site. Your choice.

Neustar offers load testing both on demand and as a fully managed service.

If you need a quick, effective solution, choose on-demand testing. If your needs are more complex, rely on dedicated engineers to guide you end to end.

Address Wide-Ranging Issues
Tackle performance problems such as bandwidth limitations, error rates exceeding thresholds, server PU limitations, errant load balancing configurations, router/firewall failure and misconfigured web servers, application servers and database servers.

Test the Largest Loads
Because our testing is cloud-based, you can generate nearly infinite amounts of simulated website traffic from a huge pool of IP addresses.

Remediate (and Spend) Wisely
With real browser testing and granular reporting, identify performance problems with greater accuracy. Gain better AJAX support, clearer reporting of errors and more accurate views of how your site performs. Make the right fixes, instead of spending unnecessarily on hardware and bandwidth.

Half the Effort, Twice the Result
Like our website monitoring services, Neustar load testing uses the Selenium open-source framework for browser automation. If you already work with this popular toolkit, you’ll find scripting easier than ever.

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* Neustar does not collect personally identifiable information on users. All monitoring data is anonymous and aggregate.