Neustar Verify-NP Data Sheet

Number Portability Network Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Tool


Four of our Tier 1 telecommunications customers have decreased their networked application problem resolution time by more than 75%, immediately improving customer satisfaction while obtaining business intelligence that enables further improvements in application efficiency and performance.”

— Steve Farnsworth, VP Numbering Solutions, Neustar

Neustar Verify™-NP provides an automated way for Service Providers to collect metrics for business activity monitoring while continuously monitor the network connection and network traffic between their Number Portability (NP) systems and the regional Number Portability Administration Centers (NPAC). Verify-NP confirms that their Service Order Administration (SOA) and Local Service Management System (LSMS) are meeting industry availability and performance requirements.

Without Verify-NP, detecting outages and determining the cause of instability of a Service Provider’s SOA or LSMS associations to the NPAC have been difficult, time-consuming and sometimes impossible tasks. Verify-NP prevents hours spent collecting raw data and decoding messages in system logs using network sniffers to provide meaningful information for determining the cause of network outages or to collect message traffic and availability data.

Verify-NP provides alarming capability to the Service Provider’s network management system in addition to critical information about the reliability and stability of the Service Provider’s NPAC connections. Easy to understand network performance reports are provided to aid in troubleshoot problems.

Detailed System Outage Analysis

Detailed system outage reports provide detailed outage information indicating the source of the outage (NPAC or Local system), type of outage and actual time periods.

System Outage Report

The system outage report provides downtime and uptime information for each NPAC connection including the number of outages for a given time period.

Service Providers use this report to determine if their systems are meeting industry availability requirements.

Network Traffic Summary

The network traffic summary provides information about the specific types of CMiP messages and TNs exchanged between the NPAC and a specific SOA and/or LSMS system for a given time period. information presented in the summary can be for both wireline and wireless NP solutions.

Message Sending And Congestion Information

These graphs provide information on NPAC and SOA and/or LSMS systems message sending rates and response times, as well as the connection congestion status. Service Providers use this information to insure their systems continue to meet industry demand for porting.

TCP/IP Connection Summary

The TCP/IP connection summary identifies SOA and LSMS TCP/ iP congestion levels. Through this report, the service provider can quickly see when the SOA, LSMS, or NPAC systems have invoked TCP/IP flow control and determine if flow control conditions are affecting their ability to meet industry throughput requirements.

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