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Neustar UltraDNS

Thousands of businesses, including much of the Fortune 500 and Alexa Top 100, anchor their online presence with Neustar UltraDNS®services. It provides the superior performance needed to support rapid growth: 100% network uptime, fast, accurate query responses, the fewest dropped queries and extreme scalability. You also get a level of security found nowhere else, including holistic DDoS protection and nameserver announcement segmentation to further protect your DNS traffic.

All of this comes standard. Also available is a choice of advanced services for even greater control over your DNS performance.

All UltraDNS services are built on our directory services platform, an intelligent fusion of patented, proprietary solutions and best-of-breed carrier-class database technologies. By utilizing database replication and advanced routing, rather than native BIND implementations, UltraDNS offers the highest degrees of performance, security and reliability.

" is a trusted resource for business information on the web and Neustar UltraDNS helps us insure the integrity of that value proposition. A brand like ours cannot afford downtime due to DNS errors or denial of service attacks."

- Michael Smith, VP and General Manager,

Neustar Recursive DNS

When someone in your business types an Internet address, a recursive server is responsible for delivering the answer. If your recursive service performs poorly, your company’s productivity slips. Neustar’s recursive solution is built for consistent speed and a higher degree of security and control. Categorybased content filtering stops inappropriate requests – before they reach your network – plus enable you to allow or block specific sites.

Advanced Services:

SiteBacker – Monitoring & Failover

Monitor and automatically failover DNS traffic in the event of underperforming or unavailable servers.

Utilizing a network of UltraDNS monitoring servers, you can select specific records to monitor and, if needed, have traffic redirected to a “hot” standby. Comprehensive server-specific health checks further ensure your DNS traffic flows without interruption.

Traffic Controller – Weighted Load Balancing

Optimize traffic and network performance at the DNS level. Based on parameters you set, weighted load balancing lets you distribute traffic among multiple servers. Increase the performance and scalability of your service applications while reducing the costs of data centers utilized as back-ups. Traffic Controller also includes the monitoring and failover capabilities of SiteBacker.

"Neustar UltraDNS bulletproofs our DNS and enables us to focus on running our business without having to worry about slow connections or loss of online operations due to DNS failure."

- Peter Tahmin, VP and COO, Ritz Interactive

Origin-Based Routing

Accelerate service and enable localized website content routing by IP, Autonomous System Number (ASN). Combine origin-based routing with IP geolocation for highly targeted solutions, all without costly equipment purchases and hardware/software maintenance.

Dedicated Nameserver Announcements

Increase DNS performance by upgrading to a nameserver dedicated to your announcements only. Isolate your traffic and gain additional DDoS protection.

Dedicated Resolvers

Neustar will assign three, six or more dedicated resolvers to answer your queries only and complement them with our secure shared DNS resources. Gain dedicated processing power along with even greater protection against DDoS attacks.

About Neustar UltraDNS

Neustar UltraDNS® services provide world-class managed services for web-enabled businesses that rely on the Internet for critical business processes and applications. With thousands of enterprise customers, UltraDNS Services power the DNS resolution of more than 30 million domains across the globe.

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