Neustar Directional DNS Service

Geographical Traffic-Shaping Without the Hardware Business.


Maximize the Benefits of Your Distributed Network

How can you make your existing infrastructure work even harder for your business? With Directional DNS. This traffic management solution allows you to send visitors to specific servers based on their geographic location. Why do this? Because with Directional DNS you can deliver geographically specific content and images to your end users, which improves site performance and the end-user experience. Intelligence at the DNS level makes this a reality — and it allows your network to function in its most effective capacity. Our Directional DNS service optimizes network performance and profitability by improving the speed, functionality, and reliability of your mission-critical Internet applications and web sites.

Higher Sales and Increased Profitability

Employing Neustar’s UltraDNS Directional DNS solution can help you generate more sales, which means increased revenue and profitability. How? When you deliver geographically specific content you’re delivering more relevant content and/or more relevant options — and you enhance the end-user experience. You’ll also help prevent site crashes by distributing the load(s).

How is Directional DNS Different?

Unlike most other solutions, which are expensive and require vast corporate networks that rely on a major Internet presence, our Directional DNS service is optimized to operate on our world-class, proprietary Directory Services Platform.

Our Directional DNS solution offers tangible advantages for enterprises that want to reap the benefits of a robust, comprehensive traffic-shaping solution without the burdens of a large, complex infrastructure. As a value-added component of our exclusive Managed DNS Service, Directional DNS is easy to deploy and use. Because it is a fully hosted solution that requires no hardware or special expertise, all you need is a web browser to put the full power, functionality, and intelligence of traffic distribution to work for your business today.

Customize Your Customer’s First "Touchpoint"

With Neustar UltraDNS Directional DNS service, you will be able to specify different DNS responses based on each end-user’s geographic location. This database-driven service allows you to choose specific DNS answers to be given for a record based on the geographic location of your end-users. The database used to determine this information is updated monthly and is over 99% accurate. This worldclass traffic-shaping solution is perfect for enterprises that are dealing with missioncritical applications and need and/or want site visitors to see different and specific content depending on where they are in the world.

Here’s an example of how it works:

Query:  What is the address of

If United States or Canada resolve to:
If 48 European Countries resolve to:
All Other Locations resolve to:

UltraDNS Directory Services Platform

The UltraDNS Directory Services Platform currently consists of a mesh of thirty (30) globally synchronized DNS network nodes.

About Neustar UltraDNS

UltraDNS services provide world-class managed services for web-enabled businesses that rely on the Internet for critical business processes and applications. With thousands of enterprise customers, UltraDNS Services power the DNS resolution of more than 30 million domains across the globe.