Neustar Audiences

Use verified offline data to target high-value audiences.

  • Leverage verified offline data
  • Use custom or pre-built segments
  • Target accurately and at scale
  • Personalize engagement
  • Complete view of audience behaviors

Neustar Activation:
Act on media and customer intelligence to personalize your dialogue.

Online advertising campaigns often rely solely on consumer demographic information to define an audience. However, successful campaigns use additional data to precisely identify a particular audience. Neustar Audiences help marketers go beyond the basics, providing the most trusted offline data from hundreds of sources for portable, cross platform online targeting.

Our Insights

Neustar Audiences are derived from our real-time consumer insight engine fueled by the most authoritative consumer information available. Neustar Audiences combine our proprietary marketing analytics platform with our core data assets via a direct delivery network. This makes Neustar Audiences unique in being able to match online campaigns in a seamless, targeted way with the highest quality online audience profiles in the industry.

In addition, Neustar works with match partners, mainly publishers, to connect our offline data at the point of user registration. Because our identifiers—name, address, phone number, email address and other—are comprehensive, we match data at market-leading scale. To ensure accuracy, we update identifiers over 80 million times a day. We always deliver your information at the exact moment you need it.

Create Custom Segments

Marketers can also leverage Neustar Audiences to create custom audience segments to target more precisely and personalize their message to grow reach and sales. By fusing demographic, geographic and psychographic data, marketers gain a deeper understanding of customers and prospects.

Which audiences buy electronics at Best Buy vs. WALMART? Which audiences prefer live sporting events vs. the theatre? And which tend to own a domestic SUV instead of a hybrid sedan or prefer Revlon over Loreal? Find the answers you need to reach unique groups.

When building an audience, users can overlay a wide range of attributes, including brand preferences, product affinities, and psychographic and demographic variables. Once audiences have been created, they can be saved and shared with a preferred media platform (we have over 50 partnerships) to launch an online campaign.

Now You Can:

Target customers with the highest propensity to buy your product or service. Discover where consumers shop for your products, in stores or online. Conquest against the competition’s product to lift conversion. With Neustar Audiences, it’s all within your grasp.

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