Neustar SiteProtect On-Demand

Cloud Service Through DNS Redirection


When you’re hit by a DDoS attack, it’s easy to redirect your traffic through the Neustar SiteProtect® cloud. This is done most frequently via a quick DNS change.

  • The simplest way to reroute traffic
  • No special requirements
  • Best for protecting a smaller number of hosts and websites that come under attack

How It Works

When you’re under attack or anticipate one:

  • Switch the DNS records for any threatened hosts to your Neustar provided IP addresses.
  • Your traffic flows through the SiteProtect cloud, where bad traffic is filtered by our SOC’s senior-level DDoS mitigation professionals. Good traffic proceeds to your infrastructure.
  • Once the attack subsides, just switch your DNS records back to your original IPs.

Bottom Line:

DNS Redirection is quick, easy and effective with customized mitigation and support from our Security Operations Center (SOC) experts.

dns redirection diagram

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