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Make Site Decisions as the Market Changes with ElementOne Marketing Analytics


Make Site Decisions as the Market Changes with Site & Market Scoring

Retail real estate planning isn’t what it was last year… or even yesterday. Opportunity no longer comes from saturating markets but from optimizing existing networks. You need to protect your profits — making razor-sharp decisions about how to focus your resources and drive more traffic into existing stores. Yet, in today’s economy, market conditions change quickly and dramatically. The decisions your competitors make can change the market potential overnight. It’s critical to snap up prime real estate from weakened competitors and seize opportunity in shrinking markets, as well as high-growth areas. To capitalize on market changes, you need to:

  • Reduce workflow
  • Minimize the cost of market research
  • Speed up your decision-making cycles

Real-World Decisions Require Real-Time Data and Sophisticated Technology

With the dramatic shifting of market conditions, you need tools that allow you to make decisions with greater agility than ever before. Introducing Site & Market Scoring from Neustar, featuring Web-based technology and dynamic data feeds to equip you for success in this new era of site planning.

The Data at the Core of Your Decisions

Today’s market-analysis methods rely on static, aging data — providing an outdated, “rearview mirror” picture of your markets. Current methods typically employ demographics that are a year old and business-location files that are stale and incomplete. Rather than rely on the guesswork inherent in Census-based estimation, our unique approach to creating demographic estimates and projections employs constant updates from the US Postal Service, ensuring that newly developed areas — or those in rapid decline — are clearly identified. Our Site & Market Scoring solution will sharpen your decision making with groundbreaking, dynamic data feeds — allowing your models to rapidly adjust to changing market conditions.

We give you the most current view of the consumer by building in frequent updates to:

  • Demographics, based on the immediate preceding quarter (Quarterly Update)
  • Precise locations of shopping centers (Quarterly Update)
  • Consumer-expenditure data (Quarterly Update)
  • Demand-potential data (Quarterly Update)
  • Competitive and co-tenancy landscapes, including changes in store networks (Monthly Update)

Our Web-based system integrates these data updates quickly and easily, allowing you to rapidly share the latest information across the organization.

Open the Door to Self-Reliance

Until now, market-analysis methods have been slow, as well as difficult to build, deploy and support. These have also required extensive IT support and cumbersome disk-based updates. Given today’s market conditions, this approach is no longer sustainable. Our Site & Market Scoring solution lets you access the industry’s most up-to-date data to inform your site decisions — with the click of a mouse. There’s no need to rely on partners to run reports and analyses. You can do it yourself — at the moment you need it — right from your Web browser. Your team can tap into the latest data from any Web browser, even when they are in the field. No custom software development or integration required. With our easy-to-use Site & Market Scoring solution, you’ll be up and running in hours. And you’ll quickly see your total cost of ownership decline.

One-of-a-Kind Features

  • Complete internal and external data integration (store, customer and product data)
  • Innovative patent-pending demographics
  • Automatic data updating
  • User-needs-based access: Administrator, Power and Field User
  • Easy-to-deploy custom modeling tools
  • Custom reporting and variable management

Our Site & Market Scoring solution is powered by ElementOne®, our cutting-edge marketing analytics platform that enables marketers to identify high-value customers for their acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

Identify the Best Sites and Trade Areas

Join our 800+ customers who maximize their profit opportunities with our cutting-edge analytics and unmatched data. You’ll quickly reduce costs, streamline processes, improve decision making and gain the competitive edge you need to succeed in today’s challenging economy. Our Site & Market Scoring solution is powered by ElementOne® , our cutting-edge marketing analytics platform that enables marketers to identify high-value customers for their acquisition and loyalty campaigns.

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