Secretariat Services: Administrative & Technical Services

The additional expertise your association needs


Today’s nonprofits and associations face a daunting challenge: delivering robust services with a lean staff. While such an approach can help control costs, it creates gaps in expertise. If your association needs additional administrative or technical support, either for new programs or ongoing initiatives, rely on the experts at Neustar Secretariat Services.

Drawing on more than 20 years of association management expertise and experience, we offer customizable and cost-effective solutions. We’ll work closely with your team to provide full or part-time management assistance to help you execute your next key project successfully.

We are a neutral, trusted partner of associations, nonprofits and technology user groups. Our clients have included organizations such as International Conference on Intelligence in Next Generation Networks (ICIN) and the Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams (FIRST).

Administrative and Operational Support

  • Membership communication and support including Ticketing (RT) System Management
  • Membership application and dues
  • Steering committee, board meetings and elections
  • Committee, Special Interest Group (SIG) and volunteer management
  • International program and event management and registration systems
  • Calendar and contract management
  • Policy and procedure documentation
  • Project management and consulting

Technical Support

  • Membership database management
  • Website management
  • Management of collaboration and presentation tools
  • x.509 Certificate and PGP key management
  • Mail management and communications

In delivering project and technical support, Neustar Professional Services follows the 3 Ds:

  • Discover – Conduct detailed assessments and meetings to understand your needs.
  • Design – Create a plan of action.
  • Deploy – Execute the plan and ensure your goals are met.

After your implementation, we can return as needed to help you sustain the progress you’ve achieved.

“Neustar took over association management for FIRST a few years ago, and we noted a huge impact in our productivity and in our member satisfaction. During Neustar’s tenure, FIRST has been able to increase our global membership in teams by over 40% with our Neustar team partnering to support every individual member and while changing over our infrastructure and providing new support in dues, event registrations and sub-group committee work and managing our marketing/public relations campaigns. A tremendous asset to the FIRST Steering Committee!”

- Peter Allor, FIRST CFO

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