Neustar SecondApproach

Automated Remarketing Services for Wireless Carriers.


"Selling to people who actually want to hear from you is more effective than interrupting strangers who don't."

-Seth Godin, Author & Marketing Strategist


You spend millions of dollars on marketing campaigns to trigger consumer interest in your services. The real challenge lies in successfully converting these interested, motivated prospects into customers. SecondApproachSM by Neustar is a conversion optimization program for contact centers that identifies, qualifies and targets "non-converting" callers with relevant, post-interaction promotions within 24 hours of their initial contact with your organization.

Recapture & Identify Lost Prospects

Many wireless carriers have some pre- or post-interaction procedures to identify inbound callers based on telephone numbers. But most do not have systems or incentives in place to capture and verify a name, address and other attributes about a caller, if the caller does not buy service. SecondApproach creates an actionable lead list from your daily phone log using Neustar's comprehensive repository on U.S. consumer and business data. In addition, each record goes through an automated verification and suppression process to ensure that the contact information is actionable and follows client-defined policies.

Influence Prospects' Buying Behavior

Most inbound sales operations require complex processes that make the execution of targeted, post-interaction marketing efforts a challenge. SecondApproach eliminates the complexity by incorporating into the automation process the business rules and codes required to target, localize and track your various promotions. Within 24 hours of receiving your daily phone log, Neustar generates production-ready lead lists for post-interaction promotions designed to influence consumers to buy service at your e-store or local retail site. In addition, unique identifiers can be used to help carriers track where a customer buys.

Increase Your Overall Marketing Velocity

In a saturated, highly competitive environment, callers actively shopping for wireless service should be on a carrier's hot prospect list for immediate follow-up. These callers have demonstrated the propensity to buy. By contacting them again within a short period of time, perhaps with a slightly better offer, you have an excellent opportunity to bring them on board as customers. SecondApproach Automated Remarketing Services incorporates real-time technology and next-day fulfillment processes to enable you to reach out to these hot prospects in as few as 3 days!

Here's How it Works

You provide us with the phone numbers and we'll do all the work. Within 24 hours of receiving your phone log, Neustar processes your phone numbers into actionable contact lists that fuel next day direct mail or telemarketing promotions designed by you. Prospects usually receive offers within 3-5 days. Each campaign can be customized with local site information and special promotion codes to help direct consumers to the right sales channel.

It's the Bottom Line That Counts

The payoff for this type of post-interaction initiative has already been demonstrated by a number of carriers using the Neustar automated remarketing solution. SecondApproach Automated Remarketing Services increases your conversion rates by targeting the right audience with the right message, at the right time.

  Business as Usual Marketing Typical SecondApproach Results
Direct Mail Response 0.5% - 1.5% 2% - 4%
Cost per Acquisition $120 - $150 $60 - $90
Outbound Telemarketing Conversion Rate 1.5% - 2% 5% - 7.5%
Improvement over Business as Usual 0% 15% - 25%

SecondApproachSM Automated Remarketing Services offers a proven, easy way to increase conversion rates and lower cost per acquisition in less than 30 days.

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