Neustar Sales Performance Management

Increase Sales by Effectively Managing Sales Channels



  • Effectively Manage Dealer Relationships
  • Ensure Quality of Service
  • Gain Intuitive Insight into Your Dealer Network
  • Flexible No Code Platform
  • Customizable User-Defined Business Rules

Neustar Sales Performance Management is a solution that gives content service providers an in depth view of the entire sales lifecycle with full control, from manufacturing to point of sale, to sales channel and individual dealer management.

By applying a set of intelligent tools and flexibly designed business rules, content service providers are able to:

  • Protect sales channel revenue
  • Identify abusive and suspicious dealer behavior
  • Reduce Losses
  • Increase Market Share
  • Gain transparency into commission calculations
  • Decrease the number of created disputes
  • Accelerate dispute resolution
  • Closely monitor performance
  • Boost Dealer Loyalty
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction

Every Second Counts

Overpayments to Sales Channels Is Estimated at 3% of Total Expenses

Ensure Best Practices

Neustar Sales Performance Management is an intuitive cloud based platform that provides effective relationship management tools to positively influence the bottom line.

Service providers and dealers are able to gain transparent insight to monitor and manage all dealer-related activities, including: business transactions, payments, financial balances, rejects, disputes, handset inventory, and more.

Why Neustar

Neustar’s approach is specifically designed to confront sales performance challenges head on and provide the flexibility to meet those challenges. As your business and dealer network grows, Neustar offers faster and more flexible tools for the growing complexity of multiple-dealers environments, with advantages that include:

  • Easy to use dealer portal offering total transparency to transactions’ rating and approval
  • Rich collection of performance dashboards to allow effective online communication between operators and dealers
  • Simple configuration and implementation process that improves the operator’s response to new market trends,
  • Intelligent dispute management tools that help improve sales channels’ productivity, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Powerful transaction integrity control that reduces errors and improves cash flow
  • Informative set of predefined reports based on actual market needs to help evaluate dealers’ performance margins and sales behavior

Tech Specs

  • Powerful no-code implementation
  • Rapidly and easily define, manage and maintain commission plans, bonuses and quotas through a user-friendly, decision-tree-based and flexible GUI.
  • Flexibility to support complex sales channels and dealer hierarchies.
  • Collect data from any OSS/BSS in the telco environment, including customer care, billing, order management, ERP and inventory.

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