Neustar Revenue Assurance Solutions Sheet

Identify and Recover Lost Revenue



  • Consultative Approach from Industry Experts
  • Quantifiable Understanding of Revenue Leakage
  • Robust Support for All Business Areas, including Next Generation Support

Neustar Revenue Assurance services identifies improvements that directly impact the bottom line of your organization throughout your infrastructure – from acquisition and fulfillment, to CRM and billing systems, through data warehouses and inter-connections with trading partners.

Utilizing a comprehensive, end-to-end, carrier grade solution designed to address all aspects of revenue related risk for all types of Communication Service Providers (Mobile, Fixed, Cable, NextGen, MVNO, etc.), Neustar ensures:

  • Actual revenue matches forecasted
  • All payments are in line with agreements and actual services consumed
  • Services are provided accurately and on time in order to meet customer expectations and SLAs
  • Network assets are optimally utilized and stranded resources identified
  • Notification of exceptions and identification of sources occurs immediately
  • All subscribers are properly invoiced

Every Second Counts

You could be leaking up to 9% of your total revenue

Why Do You Need Revenue Assurance?

Technological advances have shifted priorities. With the introduction of innovative products, offerings and services, operators need to take a more proactive approach to managing revenues.

Next generation services such as Mobile Payments, M2M, Mobile Data and Cloud Computing threaten to further complicate matters and will not only increase the risk of revenue leakage but also widen the costs incurred from lost opportunities.

Covers All Areas of Your Business

Neustar Revenue Assurance supports all telecom business areas, including: prepaid, postpaid, wholesale, retail, Internet services, mobile content, cable and satellite TV, interconnect, roaming, and others.

Made up of a common infrastructure along with a set of standalone modules that are easy to implement, Neustar coves all areas using:

Neustar Revenue Assurance utilizes a comprehensive, end-to-end, carrier grade solution designed to address all aspects of revenue related risk

Configuration: Provides data and process integrity by collecting and reconciling information from external sources within the operators’ revenue chain (CRM, Billing, Inventory, OMS, etc.)

Usage: Identifies revenue leakage by collecting and reconciling usage- based information (xDRs) from different systems (i.e. Switch, Mediation, IN, SS7 nodes and probes, Billing).

Rating and Billing Verification: Verifies the rating and billing of all traffic events (CDRs, IPDRs, and transactions) by utilizing an internal independent rating engine to ensure that all events are rated correctly


  • A combination of “all events reconciliation” and “spot-and-zoom” approach
  • GUI-based reconciliation rules
  • Internal rating & billing engine
  • Multi-dimensional analytics based on OLAP technologies
  • Business process visualization and personalized dashboards
  • Qualitative decision analysis
  • Rich components library supporting best practices
  • Embedded strong methodology and structured approach

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